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Call for Abstracts (closed)

Key dates

Abstract Submission has now closed

Authors will be notified by the end of November.

Draft paper Friday 10 February

Final paper submitted Friday 3 March

Paper Categories

Papers may be submitted into one of the below categories:

Category  1 - Full Peer Reviewed Paper

This option is for authors who wish to submit a full paper for peer review and publication. The final submitted paper must adhere to strict criteria and, if accepted, will be made available in the  Asset Management Body of Knowledge (AMBoK).

Category  2 - Non Peer Reviewed Paper

This option is for authors who wish to submit a paper to for presentation at the conference, but not be subject to the same review process as category 1. Papers in this category may include case studies, new technologies or practical applications. These papers will be available on the conference app and website only.

These papers will be reviewed for quality and suitability but will not be subject to the same criteria as category 1.

Category 3 - Poster

This option is for authors who do not wish to do an oral presentation or have a paper that is best presented as a poster (ie. Large amounts of technical data, tables) . Posters will be available to view in the exhibition area throughout the conference. Posters will not be subject to full peer review, but will be checked for quality and suitability.

Author Attendance at the Conference

It is AM Council policy that the author must present their submission in person. If this is not possible, a substitute should be nominated and the conference organiser must be notified as soon as possible. Presentations will not be permitted unless the  has been completed and met the requirements of the paper review process and presenters/authors have registered for the conference.

If a it cannot be presented at the conference it will be withdrawn from the conference program.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we are unable to waive registration fees for authors, however a substantial discount is available to presenting authors.

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